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OPUS’ CLAT online classes are an incredible opportunity for you to get access to the masters of CLAT right at your doorstep. Our CLAT online coaching classes in kolkata are a progressive and impactful curriculum that ensures that you’re well on your way to a successful journey through to a National Law School. Our CLAT online classes are designed to help you focus on powerful techniques that will equip you with tools to ensure that your CLAT journey is a breeze. OPUS offers compelling goal oriented live online CLAT classes with a superb online ecosystem which makes your entire CLAT Online coaching journey streamlined and easy!

OPUS’s live video classes in Kolkata for the batch of 2020-2021 surged in the last few months and we’re grateful to be training some of the best and brightest kids from across the country. We’re here to help you too and ensure that you Raise Your Standards and see lasting change in your CLAT preparation journey in Kolkata. Our experiential curriculum with a host of resources including –  unique CLAT study material designed specifically for online coaching, Comprehensive and levelled Full Length mock tests (New Pattern), Intensive Feedback and Data analysis to track your progress, updated curriculum with a focus on enhancing your reading skills, Critical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, legal reasoning and legal gk etc. Our CLAT online support program is one of the best in industry with a dedicated team to constantly engage with YOU!

If you’re in class 11 | 12 and you’ve set your goals to get into the top National Law Universities in India, the OPUS online live classes is your ultimate platform! We’re here to coach you with a focus on individualised CLAT coaching support to help you get absolute control of your journey to the top NLU’s.

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The OPUS live online coaching program is an immersive and compact curriculum which will engage you to maximise your ultimate potential. We’re here to engage you with a scientifically designed CLAT online classes curriculum that is curated to ensure that you get the most out of your CLAT Coaching experience. The CLAT online coaching classes in Kolkata will specifically help you navigate through the CLAT (competitive exam) journey in style =)! 

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Why Join Our CLAT Online Classes?


OPUS CLAT Online Coaching​

If you're looking to master you CLAT game look no further. We have some of the best mentors in the country who will personally coach you throughout your CLAT journey. Our curriculum is designed to help you master the basic concepts before moving to advanced testing.

Classroom Experience at Home (CLAT Online Classes)

With the OPUS CLAT Live online classes in kolkata you will experience a very streamlined curriculum which will guide you step by step through an advance curriculum. OPUS online CLAT coaching curriculum is designed for ease and impact!


CLAT Live Online Tutorials

CLAT online classes are absolutely live for real time concept building with real time feedback. Our faculty will be interacting with you in real time and get each and every concept internalised so that your Live CLAT online coaching experience is a replica of direct intervention classroom sessions.


100% Learning, 0% Time Waste

At times traveling to your coaching centres can waste agood amount of time. You can use the CLAT live online classroom program to log in in real time, learn with passion and test yourself. All in good time without wasting unending hours on wasteful activities


Our Online CLAT Coaching Mentors


Rishad Medora

Legal Mentor


Vibha Mitra

English Mentor


Soumya Roy

Quantitative Mentor


Shouri Mitra

Logic Mentor


Supreeta Das

Current Affairs Mentor

Noshir Mehta

English GK Mentor

OPUS CLAT Online Classes Admission Fee Structure for The Batch of 2021

Check out our CLAT online classes fee structure for the batch of CLAT 2020-21. Register today and let us get in touch with you to understand more about you and help you get clarity on our CLAT online coaching in Kolkata programs. Take a CLAT online demo class to experience the CLAT online classes real time. You can also call us directly on our helpline – +91 988 33 55550 or write to us @ [email protected] and we’ll definitely get back to you!

OPUS CLAT Online Courses NameOur Online Clat Classes Fee Buy Now
Long Term CLAT online Course (1 Yr)Rs. 29,999Enrol Now
Super Long Term CLAT online Course (2 Yrs)Rs. 45,999Enrol Now
Online CLAT Crash CourseRs. 20,000Enrol Now

Sample Online CLAT Coaching Videos by Our Mentors

Why Must You Experience OPUS’s CLAT Online Video Classes for 2020-21

CLAT Online Video Classes

OPUS invariably offers an extremely comprehensive and updated series of online lectures to ensure results. Each clat online course is procotored and loaded with awesome strategies to give you a brand new learning experience.

Experienced Mentors in Our Online Classroom

Our mentors have collectively trained over 10000 students of which a considerable number are top rankers. Our faculty are from the ilk of NLS Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, St. Stephen's Delhi, IIM Calcutta and other massively esteemed isntitutions. So let's learn with the best =)

Interactive Online Classes in Kolkata

Interaction is the key to learning, our entire focus is to help you raise real time queries and get them clarified on the spot. Our online classroom technology is state of the art with an integrated platform which will give you access to classes, tests, downloads and analytics all IN ONE PLACE

Regular Updates / Online Tests

Each and every CLAT online classes are accompanied by practice sheets and loads of online tests to help track your progress and learning for that specific topic taught. Gk and Current affairs are updated daily

Access to our OPUS Online Student Zone

The clat online courses studentzone is a Suite of resources which consists of Online practice tests (topic / subject) with detailed solutions, a host of downloadable pdf's for further concept building and practice, and Full length mock tests with detailed analytics features.

The CLAT Live Video Online Classes for CLAT 2021 - the real deal

Why Choose Us

OPUS is an end to end solutions provider to cater to all your CLAT needs. We are committed to excellence and we employ an intensive ecosystem to facilitate your personalized prep needs to guarantee success

Experienced Faculty

OPUS faculty are at the fore of competitive test taking. Alumnus of NLS, Bangalore, IIM's and other institutes of excellence, our team of mentors are not just passionate educators but are at the top of their game too


Quality Guarantee

The OPUS commune strives to focus on YOU! Your progress and your requirements are aligned with our goals. After all.. we exist clat online courses to get you to succeed in your Law School Entrance Exam like no other


Results Galore

OPUS students have permeated through to the best Law Schools across the country. NLS, Bangalore, NALSAR, Hyderabad, NUJS Kolkata, to name a few. Why don't you visit a top law school and see for yourself? Register for a demo class

Gate Guirdient

Personalized Coaching

OPUS believes in the individual. Each and every student who have coached through Clat online Coaching with us knows this best. We believe in an experential curriculum that will bolster your performance to crack CLAT and other law entrances

Study Hours


We believe that future of education is Ed-Tech. Technology is that crucial catalyst to ensure efficient delivery of curriculum with detailed analytics and to provide you with a 360 degree platform to track your progression through to a National Law University

Study Metrial

Think like the Test-Maker

Constant research and ideating latest stratagem to ensure that you are equipped with the best tools to have a definite competitive edge over your peers. We ensure quality material and updated curricula to expose you to the latest in test taking

Latest Product

Our success is enshrined in our results and alumni strewn across top law  colleges in the country (Just visit a top NLU  and see for yourselves) .The top National Law Universities  have seen a tremendous rise in popularity over the last few years. Related Industries and opportunities are set to boom leading to an ever increasing number of candidates vying for these Institutes of eminence. We, being one of the top Law entrance Coaching Centres, based out of Kolkata have out ranked others in getting the top ranks from West Bengal. We are truly blessed to have trained some great kids and really motivated individuals who constantly make us proud, and we really can’t wait to meet you and mentor you!

What are The Pre-requisites for The OPUS Live Online CLAT Training Program?

  • Laptop / Phone with atleast 4 / 3 Gb of Ram
  • Log in to your account and just launch your CLAT online courses according to the schedule
  • Keep a notebook at hand to take notes for future reference
  • You can access the recorded lectures to review at a later date
  • Make sure you practice the relevant topics on your test portal for maximum effect

Other Advantages of CLAT Online Coaching Classes in Kolkata!

Our USP is Our Results!

1. Worksheets for Every Class: Worksheets are accompanied by your Basic Reference Material for CLAT and other Law entrance exams. You will get the most advanced questions to practice from so that the final CLAT is a very familiar exam =)

2. Video Mentors Will Be Recorded For Future Reference: You get access to the lecture to ensure that you can refer back to the strategies and concepts at a later date. Our CLAT online Classroom features enable you to review lectures and re-practice the accompanying tests

3. Loaded with Practice Tests: After your CLAT online classes, you should head over to the test section and immediately see how well you are able to perform on the topic just taught

4. LAW Test Series: Each Online CLAT classroom program comes with a powerful system to help you master the CLAT. Our Studentzone offers over 200 section tests and 40 Full Length CLAT Mock tests with detailed analysis over SUBJECT AREA / TOPIC / TIMING and Difficulty levels.

5. Specially Enabled Doubt Clearing Sessions: The Live Online CLAT Coaching program ensures that your doubts are at the forefront of preparatio. Just feel free and throw us the doubts and we’re going to resolve them.

Syllabus of Online Coaching Classes for CLAT 2020-21

Online law coaching lessons are developed keeping the latest pattern in mind. Our rigorous course structure easily adapts to the newest concepts and we’re developing it constantly to ensure that the learning with previous concepts is streamlined.


Each subject is divided into specific modules which are further segregated into topic wise concepts. Each class focuses on specific modules which in turn integrates with the other modules associated with that specific subject area.

CLAT Syllabus


Each mock test will be followed up by a thorough analysis and potential CLAT predicted scores. We will help you understand where you stand against your competition and the steps you must take to beat the competition.


The CLAT Online classes studentazone is asuite of online resources which are intensive and theorized to ensure that you're exposed to the WIDEST VARIETY of questions available. Each test will be timed, and your data will be recorded so that you can review them effectively. Each question is tagged based on topic / subject and difficulty level and each question is accompanied by detailed solutions to help you understand the most optimal solution to a specific set of problems.


We follow a 5 pronged approach to training which is really effective and engaging. We use Bloom’s taxonomy to train our kids and ensure an effective learning environment where learning is truly an experience and not a rote session where you’re just spoon fed some formulae. The genesis of a competitive test is to examine your capability to THINK and devise innovative strategies to solve problems. This is a habit we inculcate right from the very beginning. You will be initiated into an exciting journey where a powerful curriculum is taught by some really great mentors who’ve literally been there and done that! So quickly, the 5 phases are Knowledge – Core Concept Building... Comprehension – Breaking down complex data into its very core so that even a child can understand it... Application – See where you can easily apply what you’ve just learnt... Evaluation / Analysis – We’re going to test you to understand where exactly you’re at on your CLAT preparation journey... Feedback – Constant interaction to improve your scores and keep you motivated to ensure top scores on CLAT | AILET and other law entrances.... Needless to say, this approach has been engineered to perfection. As a top CLAT Coaching institute in Kolkata, it is ingrained within us to ensure maximum value addition to students so that we’re constantly on the edge of something really cool and something very new!.


The only way to pave your way to success is to have clarity on your goals and strive towards perfection in attaining it. The journey should be as exciting as the final goal. Your dreams should be BIG, and we will create a Massive Action Plan so that you get there. So let’s work together and get you into a Top Law School.. what say? Our Clat Coaching programs are a notch above the traditional CLAT Classroom coaching programs. Our CLAT Coaching Programs are a part of an innovative blended learning platform where the theory – testing – evaluation – feedback model is combined with mental models to make you sharper, more decisive and help you gain mastery over CLAT.


Student Testimonial for Our CLAT Coaching Online Classes

OPUS online class and Test Series was really good. It has various levels: easy, intermediate & advance in which students can evaluate themselves. I solved different question papers, which gave me comprehensive idea about variety of questions in CLAT exam.
Vinay Prakash Sharma
The OPUS way was like a catalyst in my battle preparations for CLAT. OPUS's biggest advantage is their mentors. They were the kindest and most helpful teachers. They resolved my questions carefully and were always present when I needed them, offline and online. So what are you waiting for? Join us today.
Aushi Manna
I joined OPUS in June 2019 in Long-term Course. The live online classes and doubt sessions were efficient in terms of concepts. The test series helped me during time of revision. The words of faculties were the source of motivation. I am thankful to the OPUS Team.
Reema Agarwal
The OPUS test suite and mock tests are very useful because there are many material to practice. In addition, online lessons will help you understand how to solve problems and discuss solutions to specific activities. The teachers are also very kind and helpful.
Anuja Aditya
OPUS has been an amazing catalystaw prep journey. Each of our mentors were pillars of strength, Noshir, Soumya Sir, Rishad Sir et al. I would highly recommend any CLAT aspirant to join OPUS if they want solid scores
Ipshita Bhuwania
OPUS' success is in its mentors and really really good material. They will grill the concepts right from the start and they will test you to the core. Their mocks are really tough, but if you can get through them, you can rest assured that CLAT is going to be a breeze.. God Bless
Sadil Munshi

FAQ's on Online CLAT Coaching | CLAT Online Classes

Why should I join OPUS CLAT Coaching Online Classes?

OPUS is the most popular coaching center for law entrance exams. We’ve been completely focused on direct interaction sessions but due to the pandemic we’re launching the entire course online to help thousands of aspirants learn from the best. Rest assured you will be experienced in the same feel as the offline classes

Can Students in The 10th Standard Take The Entrance Test?

If you’ve cleared your 10th standard board exam, then YES! Absolutely! Usually we get a lot of students who just moved into class 11 and joined our CLAT coaching program. The advantage of starting early is that you can devote a considerable chunk of your time developing the core and you can invest your time in class 12 easily balancing board exams with CLAT prep. So, all in all, you’ll be less pressurized if you start early

Why are The OPUS CLAT Online Coaching Classes so Popular?

Results! 2019 Bengal topper was from OPUS and each year a considerable chunk of our students end up at the top 6 NLU’s. But apart from the results, we know that learning can be fun and we imbue that very ethos in ensuring that you learn core concepts very differently than what you learnt in school

Can I do a Correspondence Course in Law?

Yes you can. There are some decent correspondence courses on LAW. However, the Bar Council Of India WILL NOT RECOGNIZE a correspondence course and always encourages you to go through the 5 Year BA.LLB or 3  yar LLB (after graduation in an area). It is always the better opportunity to study for CLAT and crack the exam and make it to the top National Law Universitites to ensure that you’re a leader in the field!


Book your Seat for Our CLAT Online Coaching

We are committed to excellence and we’re not going to back down from it =) Do check out the detailed overview of the topics to be covered in the course. Again, if you’ve got a doubt, just get in touch with us.. we’ll sort it out for you.


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