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There is the left way, the right way and the Opus way to crack the CLAT / AILET / SET / LSAT Exam
The OPUS Mock Test series is your ultimate guide to crack the CLAT and other law entrance exams. Each and every OPUS mock is designed to test you at the highest level and across all topics, with the real CLAT feel.

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CLAT Mock Test Series

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25 FLT’s (CLAT)

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The most comprehensive Mock Tests for CLAT

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Law Entrance Mock Test Series

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35 FLT’s (25 CLAT / 5 AILET / 2 SET / 3 LSAT)

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The most comprehensive Mock Tests for CLAT / AILET / SET / LSAT

Detailed solutions with shortcuts

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Super Advantages of the OPUS Test Prep Package

Regular Question Bank Updates


Regular GK Updates with comprehensive current affairs and related monthly tests to gauge your preparation


Designed by Dedicated Mentors and Experts in the Law Entrance Space


35 (30 CLAT + 3 AILET + 2 SET) FULL LENGTH MOCKS with the real CLAT feel


Detailed Analytics to track your progress including sectional feedback / area feedback / topicwise feedback / time analysis etc.


10000 + topic-wise online practice questions with detailed solutions and analytics

CLAT Online Mock Test Series

Online CLAT Expected Exam Date 2018: April/May 2018


Expected CLAT 2018 Exam Paper Pattern and Online Strategy:


SubjectTotal QuestionsOptimal time
English Language4025mins or less
Mathematics2017-18mins or less
Logical Reasoning4025-33mins
Legal Aptitude5030-35mins
General Knowledge508-9mins




CLAT Online Mock Test Series: Expected Cut off’s (as given).


Some tips:

      • Be thorough with your prep through the OPUS Classroom training program + online sectional tests before you delve into taking a mock
      • Take the mocks as you would the real CLAT
      • Reviewing each mock is as important if not more important than taking the OPUS CLAT MOCK TESTS
      • The CLAT tests you on decision making skills as much as it does concepts: you should take the Mock to MAXIMISE YOUR SCORE and NOT Maximise attempts.
      • It’s crucial to realize how to pick questions to maximise your score
      • At times leaving a question is a better decision than to attempt it wrongly
CLAT Test Series – All India Law Entrance

How to effectively prepare for the CLAT

OPUS provides you with the ultimate set of material that will help you rock the clat. Each aspect of the exam is covered through our Mentor Books / Class Handouts / Online Test Suite.

Our material consists of

      • English Grammar
      • Word Power Made Easy
      • OPUS Vocabulary Set
      • Reading Comprehension
      • Quantitative Aptitude
      • Advanced Quantitative Aptitude
      • Verbal Reasoning
      • Analytical Reasoning
      • Legal Reasoning
      • Legal GK
      • Legal Maxims
      • Static GK
      • Current Affairs Supplements (April to April for the period)
      • + 5 Super Practice Supplements for each subject with 100 tough questions testing you at the highest level

Each book exposes you to each and every concept tested on the clat at an advanced level along with mentor exercises to aid you test your skills.
In addition, OPUS provides you with an online suite with tonnes of section tests with solutions and analytics along with well researched Full Length CLAT and other Law Entrance Mock Tests. The online platform also features a widfe variety of supplements and sections consisting of past years’ papers / Current Affairs Supplements / Solutions to read CLAT questions / News and updates



Syllabus and Books to follow for CLAT Preparation:

English: Reading Comprehension / Grammar / Vocabulary including cloze testOPUS Material Set: Reading Comprehension / Word Basics / Grammar / Sentence Correction / English Supplement + Word Power Made easy + Class Handouts + Extensive Online Test
LogicVerbal Reasoning” Logical Connectives / Syllogisms / Courses of Action / Degree of truth and falsity / Evidence based passages / Conclusions / Assumptions / Forcefulness of arguments / Critical Reasoning / Parajumbles / Assertion and reason / Inferences etc. OPUS Verbal Reasoning Mentor Book + OPUS Verbal Reasoning supplements + Class Handouts + Extensive Online Test
Analytical ReasoningLogic Games / Arrangements / Letter and number Series / Coding decoding / Clocks and Calendars / Truth Tables / Input – Output / Data interpretation / Cube / Logical Venn Diagrams / Directions / Blood relationsOPUS Analytical Reasoning Mentor Book + OPUS Analytical Reasoning Supplements + Class Handouts + Extensive Online Test
QuantitativeNumbers / HCF LCM / Ratio’s / Percentages / Averages / Profit and Loss / Time Speed Distance / Time and Work / Rates (SI and CI) / Permutation and combinations / Probability / Algebra and geometry basicsOPUS Quantititave Aptitude Mentor Book + OPUS Quant Supplements + Class handouts + Extensive Online Test
Legal Reasoning1. What Is LAW?
A structured Approach to legal reasoning
2. Law of Torts:
Indroduction, Fundamental Concepts, General Defenses, Vicarious Liabilty, Nuisance, Negligence, defamation,Tresspass, Strict and Absolute Liabilty, Malicious Prosecution, damages,
Solved Examples, Mentor Exercise
3. Law Of Contract:
Introduction, Offer & Acceptance,Intention to create legal relations,Legal Considerations, Free Consent, Capacity, Legality of Agreements,Discharge of a contract, Remedies for Breach of contract, Special Contracts, Mentor Exercise
4. Law Of Crimes:
Introduction, General Exceptions, Crimes, Mentor Exercise
5. Constitutional Law

6. Intellectual Property Rights

7. International Law
OPUS Legal Reasoning Mentor Book + OPUS Legal GK Mentor Book  + Legal Supplement + Class Handouts + Extensive Online Test
Legal GKConstitution & political System, Important Legislations,Important Cases, Important Legal Personalities, Quotes on Law, Legal Abbreviations, Literature & Law, IPC -Important Sections, Words And phrases of foreign Origin, Legal Maxims, Important, Commissions, Important International Commissions, Convenants, AND Protocols, Jurisdictions & Seat of High Courts, Legal Vocabulary
GKStatic GK
Computer, Science, human Body, Indian History, World History, World Geography, Indian Geography, Indian Economy, Important Business & General Terms, Indian miscellenia, World Organizations,Sports, Honours & Awards, Miscellaneous
OPUS Static GK Mentor Book + Online Current Affairs supplements (monthly) + OPUS Static GK supplements + Class Handouts + Extensive Online Test
Current AffairsBroad Categories for Current Affairs
National, World, Sports, Awards, Appointments, Deaths, Rankings, Index, etc

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