Design Think 360

Design Think 360
Design Think 360 | design career conclave
Get ready for the Largest Design Career Conclave in Eastern India, and witness participation of Leading Design Schools from across the country and abroad. The event will provide rich insights and promising career opportunities to the design aspirants with enriching seminar topics and interactive workshops.



Design Think 360

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Design is the career of the future. The design industry is massive and growing at an exponential rate. From cities to products, the clothes you wear, the hoardings you see and even your own room, everything you see around you is design. Design trends are changing every day and people’s desire to keep up with trends is changing by the second – For this thousands of creative minds are needed to fill in this huge gap! Design Think 360 is a platform that will act as a catalyst in order to bring the aspirants closer to their dreams. Design Verticals to be covered in the event are:
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Lifestyle/Accessory Design
Interior Design
Industrial Design
Product Design
Automobile Design
Ceramic/Glass Design
Toy/Games Design
Animation Design
Design Think 360 will bear witness to not only great schools but also their participation through eminent speakers and delegates of the industry who will conduct very important and enriching discussions. The topics will include:
Career Scope &
Colleges, Fees & Scholarships
Entrance Exams & Admissions
Placements &
Participating Schools include:
Design Think 360
Design Think 360
Design Think 360
Design Think 360
Design Think 360
Design Think 360
Design Think 360
Design Think 360
Design Think 360
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