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National Institute of Design (NID)

Graduate / Diploma Program in Design

National Institute of Design (NID) is the leading institute for Design industry in India. Known for its expert faculties, amazing learning environment, notable alumni and of course, its long lasting legacy, NID is also known as the most difficult design college to get into. NID offers 100 seats for B. Design program and 275 seats in M. Design programs.


OPUS NID Study Materials

NID Preparation Tips

While OPUS provides quality grooming to NID aspirants, it is imperative to focus on the set of books being followed by candidates appearing for the competitive test. Without the help of proper study materials, it becomes difficult for aspirants to prepare well. At least a set of 10 books covering various aspects of the NID entrance exam should be followed by students. These books are not only elaborate and comprehensive but also structured with precision to meet the NID exam pattern.

Creative Thinking

How to improve Creativity

Creativity and lateral thinking get a tremendous boost if a clutch of behavioral and habitual practices are analysed and paid attention to. As we know creativity is broadly defined as an art of thinking, imagining or doing something new in a different way in order to classify it as unique and practical, let us first take up a host of behavioral trends for discussion in this OPUS design blog.


NID Test & Portfolio

How to make a good portfolio?

Your portfolio should mirror your personality and your own way of looking at the world. You want to show design schools that there is a special reason for allowing you in. OPUS advises you to create art that you are passionate about, art that is different from what other people are creating. Technical virtuosity does not suffice if you can only emulate what others have created.


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About NID Entrance Exam

NID / Design Entrance – DAT Syllabus

✓ Innovation in design, Principles of composition
✓ Inspiration & design development
✓ Theme development
✓ Design theory
✓ Natural & geometrical form
✓ Exercises on imagination
✓ Optical illusion
✓ Colour, pattern & texture
✓ Lateral thinking
✓ Design awareness
✓ Creative thinking & writing
✓ Graphics & pictograms
✓ Form & function
✓ Drawing fundamentals
✓ Ornaments & motifs
✓ Imagination & doodling
✓ Understanding light & shade
✓ Elements & principles of design
✓ Colour psychology & optical illusions
✓ 3D visualization

✓ Lettering
✓ Developing observation
✓ Good design vs. bad design
✓ Optical illusion
✓ Mood, theme & colour inter-relationship
✓ Visual logic
✓ Outline for beginners
✓ Colour terminology
✓ Presentation techniques
✓ Memory drawing
✓ Picture analysis
✓ Usage of colour in compositions
✓ Innovation & creation
✓ Story
✓ Natural & geometrical form
✓ Use of measurements, scale & proportions
✓ Expression & emotion
✓ Developing themes & colour associations
✓ Foreshortening & perspective
✓ Inspiration & creativity

NID DAT Syllabus 2019 for Mains

✓ Model making
✓ Material manipulation
✓ Questions generally asked in an interview
✓ Audio-visual exercises
✓ Mock interview
✓ Evolving ideas

✓ Past studio test & interview questions
✓ Importance of body language
✓ Doodling
✓ Creative thinking
✓ Guidance on portfolio making
✓ Interview tips

OPUS NID Classroom Coaching


DAT | Studio Test | NID Final Interview

Great colleges have some of the toughest and the most rigorous entry processes. NID is no different. To make to NID you will first have to crack the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) and once that’s done you’ll have to sit for the Studio Test and an interview (60% weightage)Unlike most of the other Design entrances, the DAT doesn’t have a specific syllabus or concepts that are usually tested. At OPUS we have identified specific SKILLSETS that NID will test you on. And our training process is utterly dedicated in building these SKILLSETS.

Careers in Design

It’s there in the things that you see, it’s there in the stuff that you use it’s there in the stuff that you do. From cities to household products, designers are what made them possible. In a nutshell, everything follows a specific design.

Lifestyle / Accessory Design

NID offers different courses which helps you to build your career in lifestyle and accessory design. It pertains in products that you use daily or as a lifestyle. Watches / Sunglasses / Wallets / Card Holders etc.. all of these are a part of this product group

Interior Design

Are you fond of organizing interior space? Making a house or office space look great while still maintaining its usability is something Interior Designers focus on. How do you make a small room look really big? How Can you add a dash of color to a wall to make it feel like you’re in Kerala? Just a few thoughts on what interior design is all about.

Industrial Design

Combines art and business to come up with products that are heavily used in Industry. This could include hardware (machines that are used in factories) or Electronics. The major challenge is to make something that is a value add to business by combining its practical efficacy and ease of use.

Product Design

NID Product Design course will help you to deal with the ideation / creation of products that are tangible and usable in a systematic way. It should also look great to say the least. The product could be anything from a refrigerator to a cycle tyre.

Ceramic/ Glass Design

Glass and ceramics is among the most common products that we use. This field of design is primarily used to create beautiful products as showpieces / or application based products which require, obviously, glass or ceramics.

Toy and Games Design

We were all kids at some time. We have all loved specific toys and games that were close to us. As a toy and game designer you make something great for all the kid’s of the world.

Graphic Design

This deals with the look and feel of any form of visual. Be it from a great wallpaper, to an obscure graphic on a coffee mug to a great website design. Graphic Designers make all advertisements look great.

Animation Design

Need we say more? Imagine.. you’ll learn how to animate stuff and you could probably work in the next Lord of the Rings Movie.

Automobile Design

Imagine yourself designing a car for Bugatti (or a Ferrari) and if you wish, a TATA. Here you will be at the helm of things and you will design the next level beauty to hit the roads. A lot of effort goes in designing a car, from its shape, weight, structure, aerodynamics, interiors etc. Moreover this is a field that pays A LOT OF MONEY

Film and Video Communication

You will directly influence what we see on TV / Internet and the likes. Ad’s will be your forte and you could also venture into film shooting.

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All Design Entrance Courses Details


The OPUS NID CRASH course is a power packed agenda for any student who wishes to crack the NID exam with a month long prep. This is only useful for students who want a thorough super fast review of all the concepts of the Design.


An OPUS course consists of rigorous training in enhancing your design skills by taking you through specific design concepts. We give you a personalized mentor series which will mould you into a NID worthy candidate at the right time.


OPUS takes the opportunity to share some pearls of wisdom with design and fashion aspirants. We discuss Pearl Academy in substantial detail for candidates who look forward to exploring a few good alternatives in the coming year.


Founded in 1996, Srishti Institute is a renowned design school known for its multi-disciplinary approach that enables it to channel an aspirant’s artistic and intellectual potentials altogether, supported by the institution’s strong indigenous cultural grounding.


At the ISDI, design aspirants who are gifted with the calibre to innovate and come up with design solutions are welcomed. The under graduate courses at ISDI are designed specially to empower its students so that they become future industry leaders.


The objective is to highlight reputed fashion and design institutes in India and abroad, and the focus is on IED this time. If studying abroad has been your dream, IED is possibly one of the best destinations to study fashion and design in the world.


UID, one of the leading design schools in India is known for its unique learning models and updated curriculum that are engineered to aid the students in gaining experiential knowledge. For decades, UID students are known to mark their presence in the world of design.


OPUS brings to the notice of aspirants that some really good colleges should grab their attention. This piece is in continuation with the series meant to highlight the existence of some amazing colleges that get eclipsed. IIAD is one such premier college that deserves to be on the radar.


OPUS brings to the notice of aspirants that some really good colleges should grab their attention. This piece is in continuation with the series meant to highlight the existence of some amazing colleges that get eclipsed. IIAD is one such premier college that deserves to be on the radar.


If getting into NID is a dream for you | Let us help you in making it come true with our dynamic test prep course for NID Entrance. Hurry up, your goal is just a few sincere steps ahead.

Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) programme

NID Ahmedabad offers the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) programme. As per the NID Act (18 of 2014), the institute is a statutory authority empowered to award its own degrees—Masters of Design (M.Des.) of two-and-a-half year duration and Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) of four year duration. (The Institute is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU))

Masters of Design (M.Des.) programme

National Institute of Design (NID) at Ahmedabad and at its Bengaluru and Gandhinagar campuses is an ‘Institute of National Importance’ as per the NID Act 2014 as well as an autonomous institute under the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. As per the NID Act (18 of 2014), the institute is a statutory authority empowered to award its own degrees—Masters of Design (M.Des.) of two-and-a-half year duration and Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) of four year duration.

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The OPUS provides exclusive Classroom Coaching for the design entrance exam to get admission in Top design institutes. We provide training for NID Studio Test and Situation Test, Design Aptitude Test, General ability test, portfolio, and Interview Preparation.


FAQ’s on OPUS NID Coaching

Why Should I Join OPUS for NID Coaching in Kolkata

If you’re looking to really expand your mind and get thorough with the NID question pattern, then OPUS is your ultimate destination. We have an engaging and structured curriculum to help you navigate through all the design concepts that can be tested on the NID exam. Just do a demo class with us to understand why we are effective in getting results =)

Is There any Difference Between an OPUS Regular NID Coaching and NID Crash Course?

The OPUS regular courses (1 or 2 year coaching programs) are paced and structured to help you delve into your creative potential over time. This is where you’re trained to think differently in depth and it’s easy to balance your school work with the OPUS curriculum. The OPUS crash course for NID will be a super fast paced engagement which will focus on getting you to crack the exam. It is always advisable to prepare with intensity and over time with the OPUS regular course. The crash course will be beneficial for someone who has already been preparing and needs quick tips to maximise scores in the real test

How Can I Prepare for The NID Exam?

The NID exam consists of 2 parts, the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) 30% and the Mains (70%). The DAT will test you mainly on your design thinking skills (Creative + Observation) and general aptitude (Spatial reasoning, basic math and logic and reading ability). The MAINS will test you on your entire creative spectrum which will mainly assess your FIT in the design space. For example, the NID mains can ask you for ingredients in a pudding, to designing a pulley structure with just rubber bands and cardboard, or they may also ask you to recite a poem. So the testing is from a vast space of observations and lateral thinking. To prepare, you can take up NID coaching from a known – to – produce – results organization such as OPUS to ensure that you don’t get confused with the structure and ensure that your basics are strong. We will initiate you into the creative thinking process right from scratch and constantly engage you with different ideas so that you stand out from the crowd. You can also prepare on your own by checking out past year’s papers and constantly observe the world around you.. and then practice practice practice =)

Why is The OPUS NID Coaching in Kolkata so Popular?

Our main area of focus is to boost your creative potential, and that’s always loads of fun. So we’re constantly engaging you to rewire your brain and approach problems innovatively and differently. And this is one of the reasons why we are at the forefront of design | NID coaching in this part of the country. Also, our thorough dissection of the questions and getting you to engage with your inner creativity is an exciting practice, for us as much as for you! =)

Candidates will be given three hours for the task completion of NID Studio Test 2019. Follow the below mentioned list to know the parameters candidates will be evaluated on: Doodling | 3D Model making | Clay modelling | Wire moulding | Audio / visual test | Portfolio and interview.


Candidates need to clear two stages of examination in order to secure admission in designing programme offered by NID. The two stages are: Stage 1: NID DAT (Prelims) – Pen and Paper Based Written Examination, Stage 2: NID DAT (Mains) – Studio Test andPI (Personal Interview). Candidates are shortlisted for the second phase of examination, i.e., NID DAT Mains (Studio Test and Personal Interview) based on their performance and score in the Design Aptitude Test (prelims exam).

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