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Becoming a designer is no menial task, but it’s a task that’s definitely worth it!

OPUS is your ultimate guide for NIFT Coaching and Design entrance preparation. Our primary focus is to provide you with extensive training to help you crack the NIFT / NID and other allied exams such as the MIT / Srishti / Pearl / ISDI etc. NIFT preparation becomes easy with our 360 degree training approach and our innovative training methods. OPUS ensures that you get access to top mentors / material / handouts / online tests / Full length mocks with detailed analytics and online support to ace the NIFT / NID entrance. OPUS is your one stop guide for anything “Design Entrance”, and our results are the hallmark of that claim. We first got our All India Rank 1 in 2019 (Shilpi Agarwal) and continue to maintain our reputation as the most effective NIFT / NID preparation guide for students. 2019 NIFT witnessed an All India Rank 5 (Hiya Paul) and AIR 11 (Radhika Bayanwala) from OPUS Kolkata, along with 43 students within the top 500 All India Ranks. Each year we send the highest number of NIFT admits from Kolkata, and we shall ensure that the tradition continues. Our mentors are top of their class with extensive experience in training students to crack NIFT / NID. Our team has a collective experience of over 20 years in training students to crack NIFT / NID with mentors from NIFT Kolkata / NID Ahmedabad / Wharton / IIM (Calcutta) / St. Stephen’s / St. Xavier’s (Economics and IIM Lucknow admit) and some of the best brains in the test preparation space. OPUS makes NIFT preparation easy! So if you’re looking to crack NIFT / NID, join our NIFT / NID preparation module today. We really look forward to working with you. So get in touch with us and we will guide you through NIFT / NID like a pro.

The fashion industry is massive and one that is growing at an exponential rate. Fashion trends are changing every day, people’s desire to keep up with trends is changing by the second and we need people like you to fill in this huge gap! Find out below with effective NIFT preparation how our students have performed in the past:-

Ace Your Fashion and Design Entrance NIFT Coaching The OPUS Way

Do you have a creative flair for design and all things fashion, and dream of building a career in it? Do you need to crack the NIFT or other fashion and design entrance tests and are looking for a center of NIFT Coaching that will make preparation a breeze? Well, what are you waiting for?
Break into the fashion technology and design industry and ace the exams with The OPUS Way — your one-stop shop for all your NIFT and NID preparation requirements. We maintain a track record of attaining the highest number of yearly admissions into top design schools from Kolkata– at least 95% of our students. All of our students have been NIFT All India Rankers.

The Best NIFT Training Institute to Guide You to Top Design Schools

At the OPUS Way, we offer a highly specialized NIFT tutorial system with over 130 hours of training in design thinking and applications, rigorous mock tests and intensive workshops for practical learning. Crack each aspect of the NIFT (CAT, GAT and situational test), with a focus on advanced concept building and implementation, multiple practice tests to get you ready for test day, and regular feedback and mentoring on your performance.
Look no further for an effective NIFT tutor, as we have a seasoned faculty of NIFT and NID alumni with professional design careers. For the GAT portion of the test, we have alumni from IIM Calcutta, St. Xavier’s, St. Stephen’s Delhi to mentor you.


NIFT Coaching to Slay Your Fashion and Design Entrance Exam

We ensure that our experiential curriculum stays ahead of the curve and constantly innovates with a 360 degree training approach. Your success is our success– highly motivated students who are engaged and stimulated stand higher chances of being successful. We provide extensive support throughout your journey just for that. At the OPUS Way, we cater to the different needs of our students. Whether you are in Class 11 and have a couple of years to prepare, or require a thorough yet quick crash course before the test, our resources– both online and off– are at your disposal to choose from.

95% of our students get admitted into the top design schools
with our effective NIFT Preparation
Over the years we have sent over 1500 students to Top NIFT Colleges
Top 5 or better schools
Top 12 or higher (5 – 12)
Top 16 or higher (16 onwards)

We are the only institute in Kolkata to have over 4 students in top 10 (AIR) in a single year.

Each year we don’t have anything short of NIFT All India Rankers where the majority of our students are ranked within top 1200.

OPUS course features
Our course structure has reaped phenomenal results with over a 95% success rate in getting students admitted into NIFT’s. With our specielly desigued Nift preparation


130+ HOURS of rigorous training in the following areas.

Introduction to Design

Foundations in Design

Rigorous Foundation Building

Colour / Pattern / Texture Sensitization

Visualizations / Proportion / Scaling / Ordering

Art Fundamentals

Analyzing given a context

Visual Perception

Logic Perception


Poster Designing


Creative Thinking

Lateral Thinking and design applications

Imagination Enhancers

WORKSHOPS – Practical Applications


Our classroom training has been rated as the best in the city.

Our focus is to build your concepts in English / Quant / Reasoning / Gk and then rigorously test you on the same.
We then move on to advanced NIFT preparation sessions which will get you ready for Test Day

HOURS CONCEPT TRAININGStrategy & soft skills

CONCEPT BUILDING MATERIALAdditional practice supplement

CLASS TESTSWith review & feedback

ONLINE TESTSlatest gat format

A whole lot of additional supplements which includes Fashion GK / Regular GK
Intensive Workshops / 10 MOCK TESTS  of the highest difficulty level
The opus learning map

A general introduction to design

Introduction to the OPUS course


CAT - a thorough review of design concepts and creative aptitude

GAT - a thorough review of english / quant / reasoning GK

Advanced Concepts

CAT - inducting a student into advanced design concepts which are usually taught in your 1st year in collge

GAT - strategy sessions with advanced problems and easy solutions


Getting you test ready with MOCK TESTS / Review

Sessions by professionals in the filed of fashion / design to give you a real life exposure


Opus Advantages

Best In Class ExposureLearn from the faculty of Wharton / IIM / Professional Designers / Passionate Educationists
Rigorous TestingOur course includes 40+ Mock Tests / 100+ Class Tests / 200+ Online Test / Feedback and Backup Sessions on NIFT coaching
Prep MaterialWe give you Exclusive Mentor Books for NIFT preparation/ 10 books for advance practice / 20,000+ practice questions
Online SupportHere you will get Course Material /Practice Questions /Performance Analytics / Scientific Pedagogy for your NIFT preparation

FAQ’s on NIFT Coaching

Why Should I Join The OPUS NIFT Coaching in Kolkata?

Getting admitted to NIFT | NID and other top design schools is nothing short of a dream come true. NIFT’s are at the forefront of fashion design in India and it is a really valuable undergraduate degree to have if you want to make a career in the field of fashion and design. So needless to say, getting through to NIFT’s is a competitive agenda where you’ll be competing with tens of thousands of students vying for just a few hundred seats. The NIFT entrance exam tests a student’s thinking skills along with their creative flair. This is where the OPUS NIFT Coaching program becomes your ultimate guide. We’re here to Mentor you into THINKING DIFFERENTLY and help you develop incredible skills which will help you ace the exam with ease! Our powerful curriculum is a tried and tested strategy to help you get the best ranks for the NIFT entrance exam. So, why wait? Let’s get in touch and get you a free demo class.. see why we get results for yourselves

How Can I Prepare for NIFT Exam?

If you already have a creative flair and you’ve been sketching for a few years. You can opt to just practice from online resources (Youtube / Past Years’ papers) etc. But if you feel that you want a strong community and engaging mentors to guide you progressively towards your goal, then you should definitely join a top coaching program. This is where you get a streamlined curriclum, loads of practice, constant feedback and you get to learn with some of the best teachers and your fellow NIFT aspirants.

Why are The OPUS NIFT Coaching Classes so Popular in Kolkata?

In a nutshell, RESULTS! We get top ranks (top 10) each and every year. We’ve trained thousands of bright and talented minds and we’re extremely proud to have associated with them and help them on their journey into the top NIFT’s and design programs in the country. The OPUS NIFT coaching program is a fun and effective experience which will equip you with the best tools to help you crack the exam, and guess what, we have loads of fun learning together too!

What is The Difference Between NIFT and NID?

In short, NIFT is anything to do with Fashion and NID is everything else in Design =) So, NID does have an amazing Textile Design program (as do the NIFT’s), but NID is more focussed on Product Design, Furniture, Toy, Game, Automobiles, Space and Interior etc. So if you want to become an amazing Fashion specialist go for NIFT, if you’re inclined towards designing products / graphics / games etc.. NID is your destination =)

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