NIFT ENTRANCE COURSE – 2 Years (Classroom Training)

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The NIFT ENTRANCE COURSE Super long term course is a power packed agenda for any student who wishes to crack the NIFT with a 1 year to 2 year prep. You’ll be taken through all the fundamentals for English | Logic | GK | Math | CREATIVE. Every OPUS session includes targeting fundamentals, solving the mentor exercises and distributing handouts as homework. Post the fundamental stages, each student is taken through a review of his concepts and then introduced to advanced concepts and strategy. This is the second phase of the training process. Finally, as the students are trained to be competitive test takers, they will be exposed to Mocks and numerous other workshops to help them gauge where they stand in terms of their prep.

OPUS provides a thorough curriculum with advanced techniques to ensure that you secure a top rank in the NIFT and NID entrance exams. We will provide you with an intensive 360 degree curriculum that will not only get you a top rank in the entrance but will develop skills that will help you master these areas with elan. An OPUS student is well equipped to transition through their first two years in college with amazing alacrity!


  • Fundamentals and course concept Building
  • Advanced Concepts and Reviews
  • Mock’s Activated and backups initiated for students who’ve missed sessions
  • Proctored Mocks and Doubt clarifications for CREATIVE and GAT

Key Features

  • Classes scheduled at 1 – 2 days a week (depending on when you join your course)
  • 10 Mentor Books + 2 Creative Mentor books along with class handouts and other courseware
  • 5 Advanced Workshops to make you the ultimate test taker
  • 10000 + topic wise questions with detailed explanatory answers uploaded onto your student zone account
  • Past Year NIFT papers and reviewing strategies to ace the NIFT and other DESIGN entrances
  • Conversion to OPUS classroom courses at a discount
  • Unlimited backups and helpline session which the students are free to attend at their own convenience
  • 35+ CAT Mocks and 35+ GAT Mocks (All Paper Based keeping in mind the latest trends for NIFT)
  • Past Year NIFT papers and reviewing strategies to ace the law entrances
  • Latest Current Affairs material & All GK Material.
  • Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative, Reasoning Practice
  • Access to our mentors over mail

What is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for anyone interested in learning to master the NIFT | PEARL | SRISHTI | MIT | UID and other design entrances.
  • If you’re in class 11 and you want to start prep asap and get a great grasp over aptitude, the OPUS NIFT SUPER LONG TERM is the ideal course for you

NIFT Creative Ability Test Syllabus

✓ Innovation in design, Principles of composition
✓ Inspiration & design development
✓ Theme development
✓ Design theory
✓ Natural & geometrical form
✓ Exercises on imagination
✓ Optical illusion
✓ Colour, pattern & texture
✓ Lateral thinking
✓ Design awareness
✓ Creative thinking & writing
✓ Graphics & pictograms
✓ Form & function
✓ Drawing fundamentals
✓ Ornaments & motifs
✓ Imagination & doodling
✓ Understanding light & shade
✓ Elements & principles of design
✓ Colour psychology & optical illusions
✓ 3D visualization

✓ Lettering
✓ Developing observation
✓ Good design vs. bad design
✓ Optical illusion
✓ Mood, theme & colour inter-relationship
✓ Visual logic
✓ Outline for beginners
✓ Colour terminology
✓ Presentation techniques
✓ Memory drawing
✓ Picture analysis
✓ Usage of colour in compositions
✓ Innovation & creation
✓ Story
✓ Natural & geometrical form
✓ Use of measurements, scale & proportions
✓ Expression & emotion
✓ Developing themes & colour associations
✓ Foreshortening & perspective
✓ Inspiration & creativity

NIFT Course Curriculum

This test will comprise of various sections as given below:

✓ Quantitative Ability
✓ Communication Ability
✓ English Comprehension
✓ Analytical Ability
✓ General Knowledge and Current Affairs

This test will comprise of various sections as given below:

✓ Futuristic Design
✓ Elevation
✓ Design Concept Inspiration
✓ Design Concept Creative Thinking
✓ Story Boards
✓ Comic Strips
✓ Doodling
✓ Line Drawing
✓ Metamorphosis
✓ Logo and Symbolism
✓ Cross Section
✓ Scale and Proportion
✓ Gestures and Expressions
✓ 2D & 3D Drawing
✓ Light and Shadow
✓ Conventional & Unconventional Uses
✓ Composition Memory
✓ Perspective
✓ Human Anatomy
✓ Poster, Hoarding & Stamp

The parameters the candidates will be evaluated on:

✓ Colour scheme
✓ Construction skill
✓ Composition of elements
✓ Creative use of given material
✓ Finesse of the model
✓ Innovation
✓ Overall presentation

Starting Course

Rigorous Classroom Training
Quiz: Practice for Current Affairs, GK
30 questions
Covering all Module Subjects

After Intro

Classroom Tests and Mock Test
Online study material
Deep Learning and tips to crack exam
NIFT ENTRANCE COURSE - 2 Years (Classroom Training)
No. this is our powerpack NIFT ENTRANCE COURSE for 2 Years Classroom coaching.

NIFT Entrance Course (2 Years Classroom Coaching) Details 2019

— 28 February 2019

  1. 10 Mentor Books with theory and explanations (GAT) + 2 Creative Books
  2. 100 + additional worksheets with explanatory answers
  3. Complete access to our Online Suite which comprises of test resources, GK supplements, past years’ papers and OPUS updates
  4. 10000 + online questions (assorted as topic wise tests) with analytics and explanatory answers in a test format)
  5. 35+ CAT Mocks and 35+ GAT Mocks (All Paper Based keeping in mind the latest trends for NIFT)
  6. Will cover all design and fashion entrance subject with detailed analysis.
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Enrolled: 400 students
Duration: 280 hours
Mentors: 5
Video: N.A.
Level: Advanced


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