NUJS has earned a high reputation in the legal job market and NUJS students have known to provide excellent services wherever they have been placed. NUJS students are trained effectively by the faculty at NUJS and the students’ skills are a combination of knowledge about law as well as being properly trained about how to use it. NUJS students are taught properly about law and there is no compromise with their knowledge of law. The knowledge of law imparted by the NUJS faculty to the NUJS students along with the mock trials, internships and other reports of legal cases handed out to the NUJS students so that they can take a practical approach to law practicing help largely in the development of NUJS students as proper professional lawyers. Hence when NUJS students are being recruited, companies can benefit from their knowledge of law as well as their being properly trained to be professionals so that students of NUJS do not disappoint wherever they are placed.

NUJS graduates have managed successful placements in a variety of fields, as mentioned earlier. A number of International law firms have been hiring NUJS students so that they are able to benefit from the legal skills of NUJS students and help in the development of the firm. These international law firms obviously offer high salary packages for NUJS students and are first preferences when it comes to placements. A lot of national law firms are also instrumental in hiring NUJS graduates and they too offer highly attractive pay packages to NUJS students in return for their services. Apart from law firms, NUJS students have found favor amongst corporate companies which have separate legal sections which need to be handled by law professionals and NUJS students are perfectly fir for that. NUJS students have also known to go into the field of academics and teach or lecture at various international and national law colleges and universities, which is another prestigious career option for an NUJS student.

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