Secret Tricks to Nail GK in CLAT

Tricks to Nail CLAT GK

Common Law Admission Test, also known as the CLAT exam, is a law entrance exam conducted across India. Students can get admission into various law colleges (both national and private institutes) by clearing this CLAT entrance test. Every year, thousands of students compete for the few thousand seats in the law colleges. The exam paper consists of five sections and a total of 150 questions for 150 marks. The general knowledge section has the maximum weightage, and it is vital to score maximum marks in that section. With cut-throat competition, even a single mark can help you achieve your dream!

The General Knowledge section has the ability to make or break it for you, and it takes minimal time to answer maximum marks. The general knowledge and current affairs section consist of 35-40 questions, and the mark weightage goes up to 40 marks. Read ahead to learn about some tricks to ace the GK and CA section of the CLAT exam efficiently and easily.

Some tips and tricks to ace the GK section in CLAT exam Know the portion:

Before diving into the preparation, make sure to analyze the syllabus of the GK section. The questions asked under this section come from current affairs, international news and forums, economy, sports, technology, politics, and government initiatives. Try appearing for mock tests on the GK section to understand the topics better and how well you know each part. Look out for news of the latest technology and apps as questions based on that are also asked.

Refer to the previous year question papers:

After getting an insight into the portion of the general knowledge section of CLAT, it is necessary to analyze and understand the pattern of this section. Around 40-50 MCQs are asked in this section. Make sure to check the previous year CLAT question papers to understand what types of questions are asked. Once you get an idea about the pattern, start solving both previous year CLAT question papers and mock test papers that are available both online and offline. Getting acquainted with the pattern will help you answer the question precisely and score more.

Stay updated and practice daily:

The key to ace anything is practice and consistency. If you want to crack all the GK questions, then make sure to stay in the loop with the current affairs and update your general knowledge. General knowledge questions cannot be attempted by learning the portion for a few days. The knowledge must be acquired over some time (at least for a year). Apart from solving and practicing questions, ensure that you stay updated about the current happenings across the world. Follow the news closely and read the newspaper daily to stay up to date.

Take CLAT mock tests:

Need to know what the CLAT exam actually feels like? Take the help of mock tests! Appearing for mock tests will not only prepare you for entrance and increase your precision but will also boost your confidence to sit and ace the exam.

There are numerous centers providing test series. Many online platforms also offer mock tests. Choose a mode that is convenient for you. Make sure to give individual subject mock tests to understand your strengths and weaknesses in the general knowledge subject. Also, try to give at least 10 full-length mock tests to get an idea of the actual exam.

Choose the study material wisely:

One of the most crucial factors which will affect your CLAT score immensely is the study material that you will choose. There is a tremendous amount of study material available both online and offline. Selecting the best and accurate study material will help you get an insight into how the actual entrance exam will be. Various online and offline study materials promote that they will help you clear CLAT, but in reality, they house out-dated portions and improper questions. Choose the study material that is suitable for your understanding and adheres to the current exam pattern precisely.

Avoid guesswork:

If you have prepared for the general knowledge section well, then out of the four options, you would be pretty sure about the answer. If you are not confident about any question, do not indulge in guesswork. If answered correctly, a question will award you one mark and answered incorrectly, 0.25 marks will be deducted. If you leave a question unanswered, marks will neither be awarded nor deducted. If confident, mark the correct option. Else, the wisest choice is to leave the question that you are doubtful about.

Wrapping up

More than a thousand students are competing for so many competitive exams in India. CLAT, a law entrance exam, is no different. Every year, thousands of aspirants sit for this exam to get into a prestigious law college. Prepare for the CLAT GK section well so that you can gain an edge over the countless competitors. Make sure to follow all the tips and tricks to answer all the questions successfully. All the Best!– The OPUS Way

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