Preparation Tips and Strategies for CLAT




a) Use sectional tests wisely! After a topic is covered in your OPUS class, you should immediately head over to the OPUS student zone and test your understanding of the topic. Keep a track of the kind of questions that you got wrong and review them thoroughly with your faculty. Ensure that you do NOT get those questions wrong ever again!

b) Taking sectionals will not help you ace CLAT or AILET. Full-length mocks are the real deal! A lot of you have this strange phobia of trying out a full length mock just because you’re afraid of the score that will eventually pop up on your screen. Now tell me this.. which one of the following benefits you in the long run? Low scores now? Or a low score in your real CLAT? Think wisely! None of us are here to judge you.. we’re here to help you. And remember, each topper starts off with a low score and he/she slowly and steadily improves. Toppers hit their peak scores after 20 or so mocks and maintain that peak for the remaining mocks till the REAL CLAT. So get going and test yourself as much as you can. Get excited to practice questions and sharpen your mind. Get excited to improve your scores =)

c) Analyzing and reviewing your tests are more important than taking the test itself. Once you’re done with a test, take a break and get down to analyzing each and every question. Figure out why you got that question wrong.. whether it was a conceptual issue or a silly mistake or you got it wrong because of lack of clarity. If you’re stuck with the question, do ask your faculty.. they will help you! Use us as much as you can.. we’re there for you!

d) Try out different strategies for every mock. Try altering your sectional attempts in every mock and track your scores. Remember GK is the make or break section in the CLAT along with math. GK – you either know it or you don’t, so the entire 50 questions cohort should NOT take more than 5 – 7 minutes. Math – can be a boon for the seasoned test-takers.. each mark adds to your score and usually, the math section has ‘sitters’ which students often ignore! Don’t fall into a honey trap and ignore the subject. Practice makes perfect and try to score in at least 10 – 12 questions (Ideally 16 – 18). That’s the difference between NLS Bangalore and DSNLU..

e) Read every day to ensure you’re reading faster, retaining more information and assimilating information like a pro. Reading skills not only help you in the English section but in each and other sections as well. If you read and assimilate information like a pro, legal reasoning, logical Reasoning, and even math become easier. Reading quicker —->> Understanding faster ——>> answering questions faster and better!

f) While you’re taking a mock, take it as if you would the REAL CLAT.. i.e. to maximize your score (AND NOT ATTEMPTS).. The real exam has loads of hidden sitters which should be your real target to score more. Answering an easy question fetches you the same mark as does a tough question. So choose your questions wisely. It’s ok to leave questions that are designed to waste your time. HOWEVER, While taking the test, take it to maximize your score BUT while REVIEWING a test, REVIEW EACH AND EVERY QUESTION WITH SINCERITY. A tough question will become an easy one with the right amount of practice.

g) Use the OPUS GK supplements and parallel GK CA section tests to your full advantage. The chances of questions coming outside of it are low. If you don’t do this regularly, you will be burdened with a MASSIVE SET OF MATERIAL before the real exam.. and you do want to avoid that don’t you? This goes for all sections. Taking a small step each day can take you far and wide! So please put in that effort each day to ensure your flow is maintained.

h) Boards are coming up! Do not ignore CLAT in the process. Do a little every day. Devote maybe an hour and a half each day and strategize your journey. Chalk out a weekly plan and mark out topics / subjects/ reading material every day. This will also give you a breather from your boards. Each top ranker in clat or ailet has managed his/her time well – balancing out CLAT and Board exams with equal elan. You must too!

i) Always remain motivated and strive to do a little better than the previous day. Remember, lawyers are one of the highest-paid professionals in the world and a top NLU paves the way for you to get there much sooner than do other colleges. Don’t waste your time now, else you’ll be wasting your life in a c grade law college and that will stunt your professional growth in the long run!

Be sincere.. be incredible =)

All the very best =)

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