Soumya Roy

Quantitative Mentor

Arguably, one of the best math teachers in eastern India, Soumya Roy is mathemagician! He makes math, digestible, interesting and often enjoyable!

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Legal Reasoning

CLAT Course Structure

Mentor for Legal

What Is LAW? - A structured Approach to legal reasoning
Law of Torts: Indroduction, Fundamental Concepts, General Defenses, Vicarious Liabilty, Nuisance, Negligence, defamation,Tresspass, Strict and Absolute Liabilty, Malicious Prosecution, damages, Solved Examples, Mentor Exercise
Law Of Contract: Introduction, Offer & Acceptance,Intention to create legal relations,Legal Considerations, Free Consent, Capacity, Legality of Agreements,Discharge of a contract, Remedies for Breach of contract, Special Contracts, Mentor Exercise
Law Of Crimes: Introduction, General Exceptions, Crimes, Mentor Exercise
Constitutional Law
Intellectual Property Rights
International Law

Analytical Reasoning

CLAT Course Structure

Mentor for Reasoning

Logic Games / Arrangements / Letter and number Series / Coding decoding / Clocks and Calendars / Truth Tables / Input – Output / Data interpretation / Cube / Logical Venn Diagrams / Directions / Blood relations


CLAT Course Structure

Mentor for Quantitative Techniques

Numbers / HCF LCM / Ratio’s / Percentages / Averages / Profit and Loss / Time Speed Distance / Time and Work / Rates (SI and CI) / Permutation and combinations / Probability / Algebra and geometry basics