Importance of Taking CLAT MOCK TESTS


Importance of Taking CLAT MOCK TESTS – If you are a law college aspirant, OPUS is your one-stop shop. You are aware by now that over 50,000 students appear each year to take the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) for the 18 participating National Law Schools and several other law institutes/colleges in India. OPUS equips you ably for CLAT, which is by far tougher than any other law school entrance exams.

Importance of CLAT MOCK TEST 2020

When you are preparing for CLAT, keep in mind the five sections that you have to attempt for the undergraduate programme:

The UG-CLAT 2020 shall be a 2-hour test, with 150 multiple-choice questions carrying 1 mark each.

  1. English Language: – 28-32 (20% of the paper)
  2. Quantitative Aptitude: – 13-17 (10% of the paper)
  3. Logical Reasoning: – 28-32 (20% of the paper)
  4. General Awareness: – 35-39 (25% of the paper)
  5. Legal Aptitude: – 35-39 (25% of the paper)

Total Marks: – 150

N.B: Negative Marking: – 0.25 marks for each wrong answer

Taking the CLAT and cracking it successfully is about practice, rigour, and mock tests. The importance of taking CLAT MOCK TESTs with OPUS cannot be overstated. CLAT MOCK TESTs do not mean you will have an easier time during the actual CLAT; it means that practising over a period of time will ensure your brain can easily track the pattern of questions, grasp very quickly which questions to attempt firsts and which to review later and can attempt questions within the given period of time.

CLAT Admission 2020 Tips

OPUS provides a wide variety of CLAT MOCK TESTs online. You can either take the modules at your pace or take the entire exam in one go. Remember, practice makes perfect; so keep practicing incessantly with OPUS.  The CLAT MOCK TEST guides and helps you in drawing an actual idea of the format of the actual law entrance exam.

Best CLAT Coaching In Kolkata

It does not matter which part of the country you belong to. Like CLAT MOCK TEST which are online, you can take the online OPUS CLAT MOCK TEST courses from any nook and corner. However, please ensure that you time these mock tests well. More importantly, ensure you have a strong internet connection. You should use at least 1 mbps speed with 1 GB RAM to avoid any hassle while you are focussing on taking the CLAT MOCK TEST. Many aspirants have the habit of considering mock tests as mere practice tools and they do not take the score seriously as an indicator of what lies ahead in the path. Since mock tests are structured in tandem with the current syllabus, these questions ranging from easy to tough will enable you to form a holistic idea of what the CLAT real test is going to be compared to the CLAT MOCK TEST. By taking as many CLAT MOCK TEST you acquaint yourself with the present pattern and can look forward to finding many of these similar type questions in your actual exam.

Why Opus is The Best CLAT Coaching Centre

The complete CLAT MOCK TEST will contain 200 questions. OPUS puts in hours and piles of research into the mock tests for CLAT that aspiring students take. This explains the success that students have while taking CLAT. Like OPUS always maintains, there are no short-cuts to cracking CLAT. With OPUS‘s CLAT MOCK TEST, you get better day in and day out at taking CLAT and are better prepared mentally to deal with the stress on the D-day. It has the sole objective of introducing students to the exam pattern and the kind of questions asked in the test so that candidates are able to make amends on time. When you begin taking mocks tests, it is not imperative to take one test every day but make sure you go for at least one day in the last two weeks before the entrance test in order to evaluate where you stand. The score in the CLAT MOCK TEST will let you figure out your chances of ultimate success. As soon as the test is submitted, the result gets shown in real time with each question marked as CORRECTINCORRECT or NOT ANSWERED.

This will help you get adapted to actual test taking conditions so that you stay stress free during the actual test. Additionally, they also help you improve your time management skills.

To ace in the preparation for CLAT, it is very important to improve your accuracy and identify the right type of questions to attempt. A wrong attempt may land you with negative marking, bringing down your overall score. A spearheaded and smart approach is essential while attempting the questions in this exam. It is better to skip to the next question if you are not sure about it rather than waste time on it.

By taking as many CLAT MOCK TEST you acquaint yourself with the present pattern and can look forward to finding many of these similar type questions in your actual exam. Most importantly, you are able to keep calm and crack it with OPUS by your side.– The OPUS Way

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