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Career in design
Design, as you see it, is everywhere.
It’s there in the things that you see, it’s there in the stuff that you use it’s there in the stuff that you do. From cities to household products, designers are what made them possible. In a nutshell, everything follows a specific design. In effect, great designers use their skills to design something great that is practical, aesthetic, simple and easy to use. Given this you can very well imagine the scope designers have. We’ve listed here some popular career options in design.
NID offers different courses which helps you to build your career in lifestyle and accessory design. It pertains in products that you use daily or as a lifestyle. Watches / Sunglasses / Wallets / Card Holders etc.. all of these are a part of this product group
Are you fond of organizing interior space? Making a house or office space look great while still maintaining its usability is something Interior Designers focus on. How do you make a small room look really big? How Can you add a dash of color to a wall to make it feel like you’re in Kerala? Just a few thoughts on what interior design is all about.
Combines art and business to come up with products that are heavily used in Industry. This could include hardware (machines that are used in factories) or Electronics. The major challenge is to make something that is a value add to business by combining its practical efficacy and ease of use.
NID Product Design course will help you to deal with the ideation / creation of products that are tangible and usable in a systematic way. It should also look great to say the least. The product could be anything from a refrigerator to a cycle tyre.
Glass and ceramics is among the most common products that we use. This field of design is primarily used to create beautiful products as showpieces / or application based products which require, obviously, glass or ceramics.
Toy and Games Design
We were all kids at some time. We have all loved specific toys and games that were close to us. As a toy and game designer you make something great for all the kid’s of the world.
This deals with the look and feel of any form of visual. Be it from a great wallpaper, to an obscure graphic on a coffee mug to a great website design. Graphic Designers make all advertisements look great.
Need we say more? Imagine.. you’ll learn how to animate stuff and you could probably work in the next Lord of the Rings Movie.

Automobile Design
Imagine yourself designing a car for Bugatti (or a Ferrari) and if you wish, a TATA. Here you will be at the helm of things and you will design the next level beauty to hit the roads. A lot of effort goes in designing a car, from its shape, weight, structure, aerodynamics, interiors etc. Moreover this is a field that pays A LOT OF MONEY
You will directly influence what we see on TV / Internet and the likes. Ad’s will be your forte and you could also venture into film shooting.

UG programs offered at NID
NID offers graduate diploma (GDPD) programs in 3 faculties
Industrial Design
Product Design: 15
Furniture & Interior Design: 10
Ceramic & Glass Design: 10
Communication Design
Animation Film Design: 15
Film & Video Communication: 10
Graphic Design: 15
Exhibition Design: 10
Textile, Apparel & Lifestyle Design
Textile Design: 15
NID in Quick Stats
Great colleges have some of the toughest and the most rigorous entry processes. NID is no different. To make to NID you will first have to crack the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) and once that’s done you’ll have to sit for the Studio Test and an interview (60% weightage)
Unlike most of the other Design entrances, the DAT doesn’t have a specific syllabus or concepts that are usually tested. At OPUS we have identified specific SKILLSETS that NID will test you on. And our training process is utterly dedicated in building these SKILLSETS.

3 hour long written exam that primarily tests you on observation / utilization of shapes and color / Lateral Thinking / Innovative ways to look at daily occurences / Imagination and it’s expression on paper / idea of size and proportion.

Studio Test
Once shortlisted through your DAT, you will be asked to create innovative 3D models based on a theme and restricted material.

NID Final Interview
Here you will be judged on your aptitude / career focus / and soft skills.

TOTAL seats
at nid campus


OPUS course features nid entrance kolkata,Career in design
An OPUS course consists of rigorous training in enhancing your design skills by taking you through specific design concepts such as:

Introduction to Design

Foundations in Design Colour

Pattern / Texture Sensitization


Analyzing given a Context

Visual Perception




Art Fundamentals

Poster Designing


Creative Thinking

Lateral Thinking and Design Applications




Imagination Enhancers

Opus NID success stories
10 selections in 2018 / 19

Aanvi Sighania

A crucial aspect of cracking NID was the holistic approach OPUS adopted. We were trained with every aspect of the test including aptitude.

Nilava Roy

From day 1 we were grilled to think differently, and that itself is the most important factor in cracking NID. RK sir's approach towards design was fantastic and we learnt a lot through his multi faceted approach towards training.

Amrita Singh Roy

NID doesn't only test you on your creative skills but a lot on observation and logic as well. OPUS embedded these skills right from the very start.

But we understand that that might not be enough. which is why we give you a personalized mentor series which will mould you into an NID worthy candidate at the right time.
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