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The OPUS CLAT correspondence course is ideal for those of you who want to prepare for the CLAT at your own pace. It’s ideal for the students who want a flexible self paced option which doesn’t interfere with your regular schedules. Our CLAT correspondence course comprises of all the material that you will need to ace the test including material with easy to understand theory and concepts. This course will help build your concepts and will rigorously test you for all the sections for the purpose of CLAT and other allied law entrances. So boost up, book the course and get ready to ace the CLAT.

This law entrance exam is of two hours duration. The CLAT question paper consists of 200 multiple choice questions. There are five sections in CLAT exam paper wherein students need to answer questions from subjects such as: 1. English including Comprehension, 2. General Knowledge and current Affairs, 3. Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability), 4. Legal Aptitude, 5. Logical Reasoning. The break up of marks is as follows – English 40, General Knowledge:50, Mathematics:20, Logical Reasoning:40 and Legal Reasoning:50.
The material will rigorously build all your concepts in Legal Reasoning | Legal GK | Math | Analytical Aptitude | Verbal Reasoning | English | GK (Static and Current Affairs)

Key Features

  • 12 Mentor Books with theory and explanations
  • 100 + additional worksheets with explanatory answers
  • Complete access to our Online Suite which comprises of test resources, GK supplements, past years’ papers and timely CLAT updates
  • 10000 + online questions (assorted as topic wise tests) with analytics and explanatory answers in a test format
  • Online tests are designed keeping in mind the latest trends in CLAT with analytics and explanatory answers
  • Conversion to OPUS classroom courses at a discount
  • Unlimited backups and helpline session which the students are free to attend at their own convenience
  • 45 Full Length Mocks (15 (New clat pattern) + 25 Old is gold, Plus 5 AILET / 2 SET / 3 LSAT)
  • Past Year CLAT papers and reviewing strategies to ace the law entrances
  • Latest Current Affairs material & All GK Material.
  • Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative, Legal Reasoning Practice
  • Access to our mentors over mail

What is the target audience?

  • If you’re not available to attend the full time OPUS course, you have the privilege of getting access to all of our resources. Ideal for students who stay in small towns and other cities but want a superb set of material to study from.

CLAT Course Curriculum

✓ English:
Reading Comprehension / Grammar / Vocabulary including cloze test

✓ Logic:
Verbal Reasoning” Logical Connectives / Syllogisms / Courses of Action / Degree of truth and falsity / Evidence based passages / Conclusions / Assumptions / Forcefulness of arguments / Critical Reasoning / Parajumbles / Assertion and reason / Inferences etc.

✓ Analytical Reasoning:
Logic Games / Arrangements / Letter and number Series / Coding decoding / Clocks and Calendars / Truth Tables / Input – Output / Data interpretation / Cube / Logical Venn Diagrams / Directions / Blood relations

✓ Quantitative:
Numbers / HCF LCM / Ratio’s / Percentages / Averages / Profit and Loss / Time Speed Distance / Time and Work / Rates (SI and CI) / Permutation and combinations / Probability / Algebra and geometry basics

✓ Legal Reasoning

  • Law of Torts:Indroduction, Fundamental Concepts, General Defenses, Vicarious Liabilty, Nuisance, Negligence, defamation,Tresspass, Strict and Absolute Liabilty, Malicious Prosecution, damages, Solved Examples, Mentor Exercise
  • Law Of Contract:Introduction, Offer & Acceptance,Intention to create legal relations,Legal Considerations, Free Consent, Capacity, Legality of Agreements,Discharge of a contract, Remedies for Breach of contract, Special Contracts, Mentor Exercise
  • Law Of Crimes:Introduction, General Exceptions, Crimes, Mentor Exercise
  • Constitutional Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • International Law

✓ Legal GK:
Constitution & political System, Important Legislations,Important Cases, Important Legal Personalities, Quotes on Law, Legal Abbreviations, Literature & Law, IPC -Important Sections, Words And phrases of foreign Origin, Legal Maxims, Important, Commissions, Important International Commissions, Convenants, AND Protocols, Jurisdictions & Seat of High Courts, Legal Vocabulary

✓ GK: Static GK
Computer, Science, human Body, Indian History, World History, World Geography, Indian Geography, Indian Economy, Important Business & General Terms, Indian miscellenia, World Organizations,Sports, Honours & Awards, Miscellaneous

✓ Current Affairs: Broad Categories for Current Affairs
National, World, Sports, Awards, Appointments, Deaths, Rankings, Index, etc

Starting Course

Rigorous Classroom Training
Quiz: Practice for Current Affairs, GK
30 questions
Covering all Module Subjects

After Intro

Classroom Tests and Mock Test
Online study material
Deep Learning and tips to crack exam
No. This is our classroom coaching. The CLAT CORRESPONDENCE COURSE is a power-packed agenda for any student who wishes to crack the CLAT and other law exams.
Aspirants can register online to get the Fees structure.

CLAT Correspondence Course Details 2019

— 28 February 2019

  1. Classes scheduled at 2 – 3 days a week (depending on when you join your course)
  2. 12 Mentor Books along with class handouts and other courseware
  3. 5 Advanced Workshops to make you the ultimate test taker
  4. 10000 + topic wise questions with detailed explanatory answers uploaded onto your student zone account
  5. Unlimited backups and helpline sessions
  6. 35 Full Length Mocks (25 CLAT / 5 AILET / 3 SET / 2 LSAT)
  7. Past Year CLAT papers and reviewing strategies to ace the CLAT and other law entrances

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