Think 360

Design thought in the 21st century is moving faster than the speed of light. New design strands are emerging where practitioners can navigate between digital humanities, media, scenography, sustainable design and cultural analytics. It is a continuous challenge for institutions like yours to prepare students for these new, exciting and very rewarding careers. How to teach these young minds to think critically, reason laterally and design with empathy !

Opus Way has been preparing students for design and law careers for last 4 years and it our continuous endeavour to get the best thought training for the young champions of Kolkata. Therefore Opus Way in collaboration with Arts Management ensemble Artsforward and Kolkata’s first Makerspace Makers Loft has initiated Think 360.

Think 360 brings to you a set of inspiring sessions with thought leaders in the new design and critical thinking space who are making a strong difference in the perception of design and creates a central online reserve of these curated sessions which can be accessed at any time by your students !

Our first speaker was Medha Bhatt Ganguly from Baroda, an National Institute of Design alumnus, founder of First Forest which provides alternative environment-friendly design solutions and seeks to support environmental movements and campaigns through unique creative expression using ‘everyday discards’.

Thin​​​​​​​​k 360 Objectives:

  • Understand the new dimensions of the fast growing design universe
  • Confidence in a lateral approach to design thinking.
  • Inspire independent design thought in the child
  • Shape strategic thought and design vision through sharing experiences of achievers in the field and their process of learning and development.